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My Story Nest Children Bedtime Stories

Frequent Questions Answered

How early should I start reading to my child?
Research has found that reading aloud to your child as early as 13 months old will affect his/her language development. Two and three-year-olds can show improved vocabulary usage and sentence composition as you read them stories.

Why do you have the same stories at different reading levels? I noticed “Blue Food” is available for Toddler, Pre-K, and K+? Is it the same story?
It is not the same story. Children’s linguistic abilities increase over time as a result of stories being read aloud to them. Thus, we update the story to keep up with the child’s abilities to understand and process. Syntactic complexity increases at each level of our stories. For more about how skills develop by having stories read to them, see this page on why read to your child before starting school.

How often should I read to my child?
The more often you read to your child over time will significantly increase your child’s test scores on vocabulary and reading comprehension. See this page on how to read to your child for maximum benefits.

Why no illustrations?
We want to spark your child’s imagination. Instead of a passive activity where the child just looks at pictures, we want them to imagine the scene and characters. For more about the mental imagery skill, see this page.

Some of the sounds don’t seem to go with the story. Is the app broken?
Glad you noticed! We have a sense of humor and hope you do too. And there’s nothing like getting that little giggle out of your child that shows how much fun they are having. They also learn to anticipate and identify appropriate and unusual sounds.

Who should do the read aloud?
Parents, grandparents, and older siblings. Once the child learns to read, they love to read the stories to themselves which have been read to them over the years. And the child can then read the stories to their younger siblings, playmates, and even make-believe friends.